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Baby Loss Retreat was set up to help families trying to cope with the death of their baby. It was founded in February 2018 by Julie and Bryan Morrison who lost their daughter Erin. Erin was stillborn in 2003 at 37 weeks. Julie & Bryan started this retreat free of charge to bereaved parents throughout Scotland, providing a quiet environment to help couples reflect on their journey.

We also provide Counselling, Trauma Therapy & Listening Music Therapy for siblings affected by loss. We have both male & female Bereavement Counsellors. We also hold a support group on the last Monday or Tuesday of the month. This information can be found on our Facebook event page (2) Baby Loss Retreat | Facebook
We also have speakers who attend to support families with anxiety, depression and sleeping.  As a charity we like to offer a variety of support to give families an option and to get the right support for each individual. Everyone is welcome to come along.

We just wanted to offer something to people who have suffered like us, as they continue to deal with their loss and grief.
The pain of loss can be overwhelming and if we can ease this in any way then we as a team are happy to help.

The Wave of Light is held every year on 15th October. We welcome all families, friends and grandparents to come together to light a candle in memory of their angel babies. The Wave of Light is an opportunity to join with bereaved parents, families and friends and helps to reinforce the fact that you are not alone.

Email: info@babylossretreat.org.uk or Telephone: 07555467805 / 0141 248 4200

Julie - CEO & Founder

Hi, my name is Julie Morrison, Founder and CEO of Baby Loss Retreat. In 2003 my Baby girl Erin grew her Angel wings on the 9th July 2003. I was 37 weeks pregnant and during a routine scan, we were told the devasting news that Erin’s heart had stopped. I have a Stillborn Child xx

The days after losing your child is the most traumatic time and you feel isolated and alone. In 2003 there was virtually no aftercare for parents who have lost a child. My husband and I basically went back to work and didn’t have time to grieve.

In 2014 we had the added pressure put on us by being part of the Baby ashes scandal as we never received Erin’s ashes. Interviews, reviewing what happened and how we lost Erin had to be brought up again, which added to our grief. In 2016 I had the chilling phone call to say they had found Erin’s Ashes in a funeral director’s shelf. This almost broke me but knew I had to be strong and bring something to the parents who are currently going through the same grief.

This is why I have started the charity as we believe every parent who has lost a baby are given the opportunity for Counselling, given a few days respite to reflect, talk and most importantly give the aftercare which is so needed to the parents. I am a parent of a Stillborn and I have the empathy for the hurt the parents are going through. Nobody should be told there is no help for you. I feel strongly about Baby Loss Retreat and will work to make sure that everyone who wants my help will get it and will drive to move the Charity forward with my committee members.

Email: babylossretreat@hotmail.co.uk

Bryan -Bereavement Coordinator & Founder

Hi, my name is Bryan Morrison, Co-Founder with Julie and Chair of Baby Loss Retreat. The trauma of being in the Scan room and being told your daughters heart has stopped beating will live with me forever. Erin was 37 weeks. I have a Stillborn child xx

From a Dads point of view, it was very hard to communicate and there was nothing around for fathers. I went back to work straight away thinking I was coping. I wasn’t. The trauma of the loss and also going through the Baby ashes scandal took a lot out of me.

When Julie and myself set up Baby Loss Retreat, I felt a release when talking about our loss. When fathers approach me when they also have lost a child, I feel it helps me as well as them to talk about it. Fathers are very hard to open but I am here from a male point of view if any dads feel they want to talk.

The retreats have been a great success in helping the grieving parents and look forward to building the charity to make sure every parent has the opportunity to get respite, care and can have someone to talk to.

Email address: bryan.babylossretreat@outlook.com

Margaret - Volunteer - In Loving Memory x

I volunteered for Baby Loss Retreat Charity Shop at Bellshill Shopping Centre. I had worked with Julie in the care service so I knew what Julie and Bryan went through.

46 years ago I had a little boy James who was stillborn. A little boy with angel wings. I found out Julie and Bryan had opened up Baby Loss Retreat shop so I volunteered to work there.
All those years ago there was no help for me I was told just to get on with it and I did not know any better.

It caused a lot of problems in my marriage which I thought was down to my husband but it was not, so I started at Baby Loss Retreat and even after all these years I finally found peace talking to Julie, Bryan and Heather. When customers come in the shop I ask if they know what Baby Loss Retreat is about some do, others don’t so I try to explain to them that were here to help people.

Working at Baby Loss Retreat is one of my favourite jobs of all time. Everyone has a story to tell about themselves I listen, and give them a hug if need be.
Thanks to Julie for giving me the job at Baby Loss Retreat. Bryan and Julie are always at the end of the phone thank you for reading this Margaret.