Grandparents Grief of A Grandson

Hi… My name is Teri, So where do I start We were a family all over the moon at a new baby coming into our lives, My son and daughter In-law, who already have two girls where told that they where having their first baby boy. Everybody was ecstatic for them having a son and us on having a Grandson. Only for our families to have him taken from us when he was 23 weeks. That Saturday afternoon I will never forgot when we got told about our beautiful grandson had gained his Angel wings, his name was Archie… he was absolutely gorgeous just lying there sleeping. It was a great pleasure to be able to give him granny kisses and cuddles. Archie will never be forgotten, he gets talked about daily by his big sisters and the boy I have the privilege to call my beautiful grandson, We have beautiful memories of him which I think you need as a grandparent.

What I found the most difficult was watching my Son and daughter -In-law totally lost trying to help with the grieving process, we were grieving and so were they. We had to be there for each other but also stay strong for the girls… but you take each day as it comes we all have good and bad days but Archie will always be with us, sleep tight angel boy love Granny.

Poem to my grandson

You were so very special

from the very start

we held you in our arms

but mainly in our hearts.

You have gone to play with the angel’s

in heaven up above

although you were with us

For just a little  while you left  special memories

That will live forever in Our hearts.


Thank you for reading my story Love Teri x