Staying at the Retreats

When you come to us for support, you are initially invited to our office for a 1 to 1 chat with either Julie, Bryan or Heather where we can learn more about your journey and how best to support you and your family.

Support varies depending on the individual but more often than not, the stay at the retreat is offered after counselling or trauma therapy has been completed.

Staying at the retreat is an effective way of reflecting on your journey, how far you’ve come on that journey and the next steps for you and your family.

When you are ready to go to the retreat, you will be asked for availability and we will get you booked in. You will be booked in to one of the 3 retreats for 2 nights.

Inn on the Loch, Crocketford

Inn on the Loch is a family owned business that sits adjacent to Auchenreoch Loch. It’s quiet, homely and has its own restaurant and watersports on site (additional charge for this). This retreat is used mainly for families with children. The rooms are situated on the banks of Auchenreoch Loch in the little cottage where the views are absolutely stunning.

Whilst staying at Inn on the Loch, you are given an £80 food voucher to cover you for the 2 nights you are there (alcohol not included). In the rooms there is a comfort bag in which you will find a quiz/questionnaire to do with your family, a journal and other little items for you to keep. We also have a memory book on site which you can read at your leisure. It is filled with journeys of other parents who have stayed on the retreat and you can add yours too if you wish. We have found that parents are comforted by this book as it reminds them that they are not alone.

There may be other families there at the same time but rest assured you are able to come and go as you please, meet other people if you wish or just spend time together as a family. The Baby Loss Retreat bench also sits on the edge of the loch and gives you time with your thoughts.

Lord Balfour Cottage, Fife

Lord Balfour Cottage is another family owned business located on the edge of a small village of Coaltown of Balgonie in Fife. The cottage is south facing on uninterrupted views of fields and hills and it is the perfect location for a peaceful break.
Lord Balfour Cottage has some amazing facilities such as a hot tub, cinema room and barbeque hut which means you can spend time together as a couple to reflect on your journey and how far you have come.
Lord Balfour Cottage is self catering but comes equipped with its own kitchen for you to have meals together.

The cottage also comes with a comfort bag for any couples staying on the retreat which includes a quiz/questionnaire, a journal and lots of lovely little items to remember your baby at home.

There is also a memory book on site where you can read the journeys of other families and add to it if you wish.