Counselling & Listening Music Therapy

At Baby Loss Retreat, we work alongside fully qualified bereavement counsellors who can provide you with 1 to 1 or counselling for couples in person or on Zoom.
Counselling is an effective way of supporting individuals after the loss of a baby and is an opportunity to talk about your emotions in a safe space.

We have noticed more and more clients, particularly males, struggling to access and express their emotions making it difficult to fully engage with counselling intervention. From this we started the Listening Music Therapy service which helps support further.

Here you can read about how Counselling and Listening Music Therapy works.

Karen at Continuum Counselling

I’ve been honoured to work as a counsellor since I completed my training in 2010. I now specialise in supporting people who are grieving and also supervising other counsellors work. I’m an associate trainer for two national bereavement charities, and a committee member for Samaritans. I love the opportunity this gives me to help other professionals become more skilled in support people who are grieving.

As a counsellor, my role is to accompany my clients as they learn to navigate their way through their grief. I can offer suggestions of things that have worked for others and recommend resources that may help along the way but ultimately, it’s about supporting people to adjust to their new reality, a reality that most often people didn’t want or sign up to which can, at times, make the journey especially difficult.

I offer a respectful safe space for clients to say the things they often feel unable to say to those around them for fear of upsetting or burdening others. During the pandemic I moved my practice online and have chosen to continue to work in this way as I feel this is of benefit to my clients, allowing them to engage in sessions the in the comfort of their own home.


Online Counselling, Training & Consultancy


Lorraine at L&M Wellbeing

Music is a universal language and its therapeutic benefit is widely documented. It can help develop cognitive skills, encourages memory attention and fosters increased communication & understanding. Lorraine uses her skills as a trained counsellor combined with Listening Music Therapy as a way to help individuals access and express their emotions following early baby loss.

L.M.T can be delivered via a group, with families, parent & child or 1-1.



Donna Clark Counselling

I am a fully qualified CBT psychotherapist in one to one counselling and groupwork.

I specialize in working with Greif, Trauma and Addiction

I offer a non judgmental, respectful safe space were clients are able to come and share their experiences while feeling held and supported.

I support clients as they navigate their way through difficult periods in their lives. I recommend tools and resources using an empathetic, genuine manner which clients can relate to as they face uncertain times in their everyday lives.


Ruth Jones Counselling 

Cognitive behavioral therapist offering an integrative approach tailoring therapy to meet your needs and help you achieve your goals.